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Ganesha Idol Position according to Vastu for Ganesh Chaturthi 2012

According to vaastu ganesha idol should be kept in between hall east facing,in north direction south facing, in east south east it should be west facing, west south west it should be west facing. Keeping ganesha idol in all these directions brings success and more intelligence power in family members. while meditating about ganesha, make sure you should think about the ganesha, red colour, one teeth, elephant face, big stomach, red colour clothes, tilak, four arms, his ornaments and giving his blessings is a best idol u can recall. ridhi sidhi his wives and mouse is his conveyance.Modak and laddu are his favourite dishes.


One teeth resembles that at one time every task should be successful. Big head resembles broad understanding Big Ears resembles good listening power. Long trunk resembles working with long term plans. Four hands resembles working with four sources Varmudra resembles every work should be done with confidence. Big stomach resembles positive outlook. Laddu and modak resembles saatvik state of mind. Mouse resembles giving stability of our unstable mind. According to Vaastu, ganesha’s photograph or idol should face towrds home, some people put two ganesha inside and outside but thats wrong according to vaastu as in that case twice they see ganesha’s back which is not good for home. According to vaastu, Ganesha photo or idol should not be kept on main door.


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