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Generic Drug: Meaning and other information

A drug with a different name but same salt/content that of a branded drug . One may recognize many of these names like paracetamol generic comes a Paracip 500 as well as crocin 500 . The brand Tylenol is having generic called acetaminophen. Diabeties patients take normally Metformin, is the generic name for the brand Glucophage.

Some more examples of different brand is: ATOCOR 20 Rs 100+ for 10 tablets. Its actual content are ATORVASTATIN CALCIUM Tablet 20mg.

The same caomes are MHASTOR 20 in a different brand with 60+ Rs for 10 tablets. One may also see AVAS 20 whioch is 170+ with same salt/combination.

What is same: Combination/Salt/essential component

What is Different: Cost,Brand and all innovator drugs does not have a generic version. Recently developed medicines are patented and doesn’t have a generic alternate. One may need to use brand to get the benefits of those drugs.

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